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A Church is not a building, a structure, a business or an organization.  It is a body.  A community of people living life and faith together.  It is a group of people on a mission.  Church at the Center was established by and for the youth of Botswana as they came to faith in a living Christ and began seeking ways to live out that faith in relationship, community and sincerity as it was done in the Bible.  Come join us at Urban Rhythm Youth Center on Sunday mornings from 10am to see what it is like to not just "go to church," but to, "be the church."


Relevant and Honest Teaching

We believe in the Word of God.  A lot of funny and manipulative things can be taught from pulpits.  We teach exactly what the Word says and how it relates to us and the way we live.  Come learn how to move to the Rhythm of Life with us.


Inspiring Praise and Worship

The Bible says we should worship in Spirit and in truth.  Here at Church @ the Center we have developed a style of worship that is deeply spiritual and connects directly to our modern culture in Botswana.  Come dance, sing, jump and praise Jesus with us each Sunday morning and Friday night.


Relational Living

Here we focus on not going to church but "being the church."  If you are looking for good people to enjoy authentic relationship and live life with that will lift you up and take you deeper in the Lord, then this is the place for you.

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